What base should I prepare for placing the hot tub?

The tub should be placed as flat as possible on a surface that can withstand the full weight of the tub with filled water and people (about 1.5 m3 of water), and also make sure that it is placed at a horizontal level.

It is desirable to prepare the base of the tub in advance with a drainage layer of gravel, rubble or concrete, paving stone, planks, so that the structure of the tub is stable. When placing a tub on the soil, the basic structure will break for it with time. In turn, when placing the tub on the board deck, it is desirable to make a base of at least 40cm x 40cm in front of the furnace from non-combustible material.

Proper care of the tub..

After the end of the SPA procedure, let the water out of the bathtub and stove, make sure that the massage systems are empty by turning them on for 20-30 seconds. When all the water from the bathtub, oven and systems has been discharged fiberglass bathtub is recommended to be washed with BIO-based cleaners. Rinse the hydromassage system with water pressure by applying a splash nozzle to each nozzle. The air system does not require cleaning, just make sure that there is no water left in it! In no case do not use abrasive sponges or rags for cleaning the tub!

Services & Warranties

All electrical systems - hydro massage, air massage, LED lighting, electric heating, displays, control units for production failures have a 2-year warranty. Any mechanical interference or abuse does not match the warranty requirements.

Mechanical damage or scratches to the bathtub that have arisen as a result of the customer's activities do not match the requirements of the warranty.

We can provide a full range of services and repair of damages at the customer's address or if this is not possible, then the tub must be delivered to the production site, where all the necessary actions will be taken.

In the event of  any damage, please contact seller or manufacturer.

How much does a tub weigh?

The weight of the tub depends on its configuration and assembly. Tub with external oven - oven weight 30 kg, tub with full finish 90 kg.

Tub with integrated oven - 135 kg

There is no massage system in the existing tub, can it be installed?

If you have a desire to upgrade your tub with additional accessories or systems, contact our specialists who will help you choose the most suitable of the solutions and evaluate the technical possibilities. The tub must be delivered to our factory, where additions or improvements will be made to your tub.

Can a water filtration system be installed on the tub?

Yes, it is possible! By contacting our specialists in advance, we will advise you on which water treatment system is most suitable for you.

Water flows from the bottom of the oven, what to do?

If a situation has arisen that water flows from the front of the furnace or droplets form, this is normal, since when cold water is poured into the tub and condensation forms in the furnace, which accumulates on the outer walls of the furnace. The oven is still cold, it is not able to dry, drops accumulates at the lowest point, which is at the very bottom of the front of the oven. Once the stove and the water in it have warmed up, the dew droplets will no longer form.

Inside the oven is deformed, what to do?

If the inside of the furnace is deformed and there is no longer a regular round shape, it means only one thing that there is water left in it and when it freezes it has expanded and deformed the furnace from the inside.

Such a case does not match the conditions of the warranty, but the furnace must be taken to the manufacturer for inspection.