1.1. The hot tub should be placed as flat as possible on a surface that can withstand the full weight of the hot tub with filled water and people (approximately 1.5 m3 of water)

1.2. It is desirable to prepare the base of the hot tub in advance with a drainable layer of gravel, rubble or concrete, cobblestone, planks, so that the structure of the tub is stable. When placing a tub on the soil, the basic structure will break for it with time. In turn, when placing the tub on the board deck, it is desirable to make a base of at least 40cm x 40cm in front of the furnace from non-combustible material.
1.3. When placing the hot tub, evaluate the distances of the furnace and chimney from buildings, trees or other flammable materials and things. (The chimney must keep a distance of 1 m and evaluate the direction of the smoke so that they have where to rise)
1.4. The upper part of the flue pipe shall be installed, its stability shall be verified.


2.1. Place the oven exactly at the rubber water outlets of the tub and tighten them tightly with a tourniquet (2 pcs.) make sure that there is no possibility of water leakage, tighten the joints if necessary.

2.2. Level the oven

2.3. Place in the furnace an iron base plate designed to place firewood on it, as well as for better air traction
2.4. CONNECT the chimney to the stove and make sure that it stands straight.



3.1. IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO FIRE THIS STOVE WITHOUT WATER! The minimum amount of water in the tub is 5 cm above the upper water connection pipe with the furnace, only then can you START firing!

3.2.Use ordinary, dry firewood as fuel; (it is recommended to use dry birch or alder firewood), IT IS FORBIDDEN TO FIRE WITH COAL, OAK .

3.3. When firing the oven, keep the tub covered with a lid so that the heat does not evaporate and the water warms up faster.

3.4. To speed up the heating of the water and keep the water temperature even throughout the depth of the tub, we recommend that you periodically stir the water with a wooden paddle, or turn on the massage system.

3.5. We recommend cleaning the oven from ashes every 1-3 firings.

3.6. We recommend that every 5-7 firings remove the chimney and clean it with a chimney brush

3.7. If there is a flame in the oven, in no case do not drain the tub from the water!

3.8. At a time when the outdoor temperature may drop below 0 degrees, always release water from the tub after using the tub, and then pull out the drain valve for the oven and make sure that no water remains in the tub and oven!

3.9. Tubs equipped with air massage, immediately after releasing water from the tub, MUST turn on this air massage system for 15-30 sec., so that the air blows out possible condensate and water from air blowers, tubes, distributors - thus, preventing freezing of this system.

3.10. Connect the tub to electricity

ATTENTION! Observe all fire safety rules. Do not leave incendiary fluid and other combustible objects on or near the furnace unattended. Do not touch the stove door and metal chimney, as their temperature during firing can be very high and cause burns. Do not leave small children unattended in or near the tub! SPA procedures are not recommended for people with heart disease, skin diseases, as well as pregnant women. In case of suspicion of health problems, always consult with your general practitioner before using the tub.


4.1. It is recommended to always rinse the tub before using it.

4.2. After rinsing the tub, close the hard ball valve, as well as close the central siphon at the bottom of the tub by inserting a rubber cork into it;
4.3. Start filling the water in the tub. The fiberglass bathtub MUST ALWAYS be filled at least 5 cm above the upper water connection pipe with the oven. (The minimum amount of water in the bath). The water filling time depends on the size of the tub, the diameter of the connected garden hose, and the water pressure (water filling lasts about 30-50min).
4.4. Once the water has been filled, you can start firing the beam furnace. Make sure that there is no water leakage at the rubber joints of the furnace. If necessary, tighten the tourniquets.
4.5. Fire the stove using dry firewood (birch, alder) It is FORBIDDEN to use coal, briquettes or oak firewood;
4.6. Duration of firing: 2 - 3.5 hours (depends on the quality of the fuel material and the pace of the external environment)

4.7.As the water warms up, it forms layers - the coldest water settles at the bottom of the tub, the warmest at the top. In such cases, it is recommended to stir the water with a paddle to obtain the same water temperature throughout the tub. This procedure can be repeated as needed. (for tubs that are equipped with a massage system - this system can be used to stir the water - from time to time simply turning it on).

4.8. Recommended water temperature in the tub: 37 - 39 °C (firewood added as needed)

IMPORTANT- Always check the water temperature before using the bathtub to avoid burns or other injuries.

IMPORTANT- The maximum allowable water temperature for which the fiberglass bath is designed is equal to or less than 55 °C (131 ° F).

IMPORTANT- Make sure that the amount of firewood in the oven does not take more than 2/3 of the total length and volume of the furnace


4.9. After using the tub, we make sure that there is no longer a flame, hot coal in the furnace - and only then completely drain all the water from both the tub and from the oven, and leave the leaking tap open. If your tub is equipped with an aeromassage system, immediately after the release of water, turn on the aeromassage system for 15-30 seconds to blow condensate and water from the air tubes.

4.10. Put a lid/cover on the tub.

REMEMBER: When you go to a tub, please consider the number of people who will be in the tub. The more people who enter it, the higher the water level in the fiberglass tub will rise. Use hats in cold weather.


5.1. Do not store the tub with a densely closed lid in a damp, unwound, fully shaded place.

5.2. If the air temperature is below 0 degrees, then be sure to make sure not to leave water in the tub and oven (this can lead to freezing of water in it and cause irreparable damage).
5.3. The tub can be washed with detergents, any bio-based disinfectants and descaling agents are suitable. For hydromassage systems, we recommend the HG hydromassage bath cleaner.
5.4. After using detergents, rinse the tub and all nozzles and outlets with plenty of water.
5.5. We recommend placing tub accessories (shelves, ladders, headrests, pillows, racks, etc.) under the roof or indoors after use.

5.6. The finishing boards used in the finishing of the tub are treated with impregnations, paints, oils, etc. of the German construction chemical company "REMMERS" (During use, if necessary, it is recommended to re-treat with the respective REMMERS paint, thus contributing to the protection of the wood of the tub from UV rays and fading).

5.7. Our fiberglass pool tolerates wear and moisture well, and does not absorb stains and mold. The pool does not have small gaps where dirt accumulates, it tolerates UV rays well, however, after being under the action of direct sunlight for a long time, it is recommended to restore color using polishes and special waxes.

5.8. When using BIO cleaners, follow all the instructions for use of their manufacturers.

6. The WARRANTY does not apply to the product in the following cases:

6.1. The tub has been kindled before the minimum amount of water has been poured into it; SIGNS: burned out, shattered, deformed oven

6.2. Full discharge of water from the tub and furnace after use in weather conditions when the outdoor temperature may drop below 0 °C is not ensured, SIGNS: frozen water in the tub, tub water lowering drain, ball valve, furnace.
6.3. Tubs equipped with an aeromassage system have not undergone the mandatory blowing of water from this system after its use / release of water from it;
FEATURES: Any/as from the water nozzles don't work; The air compressor works, but there is no noticeable flow of air from the nozzles; Frozen in water air supply tubes, air distributor, check valve, compressor;

6.4. Tubs equipped with a hydro massage system have not undergone the mandatory blowing of the water of this system after its use / release of water from it;

FEATURES: Any/as from the water nozzles don't work; the water pump is working, but there is no noticeable flow of water from the nozzles; Frozen water in the engine, frozen pipes, frozen nozzles.

6.5. Mechanical external damage to the glass fibre bathtub, as well as to glass fibre and thermal covers (scratches, cracks, broken notches, torn fasteners or handles);

6.6. In case of damage, Do not take uncoordinated actions without coordinating them with the manufacturer.